New Color Tuesday: Put on Our Wine Sweaters

NOTE:  I’m going to start releasing the color mixes on my blog a week or so after they appear on the Sculpey blog, so that if you miss the Sculpey post, you can pick it up here!

Pantone has announced that the Color of the Year for 2015 is Marsala, which is a gorgeous color that goes so well with so many different color palettes.  Plus, it can be metallic or non-metallic.  If you don’t like to mix colors, Premo! Accents Bronze, right out of the package is a pretty darn close match.  And as I discovered, there is more than one way to mix this color.  I have 8 different ways to mix it!  Some I’m going to post four of them here and then four more on Thursday, so we can get on to the Moroccans. So let’s put on our Wine Sweaters and get to sampling!

Jan 1 MPThis is my favorite metallic mix.  As you can see, the Bronze color is already pretty darn close, but the Alizarin Crimson adds just a touch of blush to it.  (I will have a project posted later on the Sculpey website using this color mix).  I printed out the photo from Pantone for Marsala and I’m placing my baked chips directly on the photo for you to compare. You can see the the AC/B mix is matching some of the midtone/shadow areas quite well.

This next one was the most surprising of the mixes: Bronze and Magenta Pearl makes a really frosty Marsala that makes me thirsty.

Jan 1 Bronze 1Since I had tried a couple of the red family colors with success, I decided to try the Cadmium Red as well.  It yields a lovely, brighter color than the Alizarin Crimson, so more of the highlight color of the Marsala.
Jan 1 Bronze 1And here is a peek at one of our first Moroccan mixes, using Raw Sienna and Cad Red: The 1R/2RS is a great match if you don’t want a metallic effect for your clay.  We will see these colors next week again in their more natural habitat.

Here is a sneak peek of what my clay table has looked like in the past couple of weeks as I mix the Moroccans:

Jan prev150ImTeachingatPCAThe Polymer Clay Adventure has begun!  22 different teachers throughout the year with videos and PDFs that you view at your leisure for only $99. I’m the first video up in the Adventure.


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