OMG! I found it!

Contact Ribbed Shelf paper makes a great texture! That's it on the left side of this pendant.

Con Tact Non Adhesive Ribbed Shelf paper makes a great texture! That’s it on the left side of this pendant.

I’ve always talked to myself and I’m easily excited over cool stuff for clay – so my (over) reaction to something I’ve looked for over a year for was a LITTLE over the top…

Backtrack – last Sept at the Arizona Polymer Clay Retreat in Prescott I got a little bag of repurposed textures.  One of them is easily my most favorite texture in the world now – except I had NO idea what it was originally intended for.  I was hoping to find out who had contributed it, but she didn’t come this year.

I even took it to Grainger and an RV store to see if they knew what it was.  I was suspecting some sort of patio furniture cover or something…Meanwhile my precious little scrap of texture had it’s own labeled drawer and I refused to take it on my clay voyages in case it got lost.

Imagine my gleeful shock and surprise when I walked by a WHOLE ENDCAP of it at Target today!  It’s drawer liner material! And here were rolls and rolls of it…YES, I squealed.  YES, I jumped up and down..

And YES, the young lady who was also in the aisle with me had an odd “I’m-in-the-aisle-with-a-crazy”  look on her face.  So I quickly explained it to her and showed her a picture of my favorite pendant that I used it on. She seemed genuinely pleased that I had found it…or genuinely pleased that some other people arrived in the aisle…lol

Anyway, this stuff is amazing, roll it through the pasta machine with the clay.  It doesn’t stick to clay much (especially Souffle), so if I forget to spray it with water first, it’s not the end of the texture world.  It DOES have 2 different sides, so find your favorite side and mark it somehow – I cut a notch in top corner like the emulsion side of our old 4×5 film.  Now I can fill that drawer up with more shapes and sizes – I can’t wait!


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