The Advantages of a Disadvantage

synsgraphicsSo most of you know that I’m currently sporting a non-walking cast and using a knee scooter (2).  Looking at the advantages of being a little less moveable, I have been wanting to create some more transfer patterns of my own (vs purchased clipart) for awhile, so I spent an afternoon creating several patterns. These graphic designs were created in Photoshop, while the floral design below was hand drawn, scanned into Photoshop, cleaned up and some small dots added to the artwork.

Then I spent a couple of days trying to get the nerve up to ask one of my neighbors to drive me to Kinkos so I could print them on their toner-based copier so I could transfer them. I thoroughly enjoyed basking in their glow on my living room table for an hour while I cut them apart.

My current knee scooter is designed for outdoors and is too large to navigate the narrow (hoarder style) paths in my studio, but I do have a smaller, lighter scooter (designed for little old ladies) that I found that I could pretty much navigate in the studio.  So between the rolling office chair and the scooter, I spent a productive day in the studio yesterday! I finished 15 pendants and earring sets, using the new patterns and my favorite stamp.

stamp and gellismFirst the favorite stamp part. This is a marriage of my stamp and a gelli plate on Sculpey Souffle. If you don’t know about my stamp:

Now some of the pendants with the new designs (left one is much nicer than this photo) (Premo! Accents Metallics and Glitter Metallics):








And finally, one of my new floral artwork designs (much prettier than the photo):

And yes, Fandangoers and Euro Synergy 2 class people, these patterns will be used in class.  There will be tutorials coming out on Beads, Baubles & Jewels and another popular tutorial site in several months. In the meantime, I’m still teaching it!

syns flowerssm


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