Oh boy! More Toys!

By now you all know that my very favorite stamp is the 2207J

Well, Linda Prais from LindasArtSpot.com found it’s siblings!  You all know Linda – she is the one who made 7 of my transfers into silkscreens.

I grabbed these stamps from her and I’m already in love with the first two I’ve used!

The Esponge 2428J (sibling from another mother, since it isn’t a 22xx series..)  is a stamp I’ve had before and loved (gotta clean those stamp drawers) since it’s non-directional and has both deep and light textures to it.

The Birch Forest 2277J does appear to be directional, but when I stamped it on some marbleized scrap from my August NCT, that pattern took on a funky 60s sort of vibe to me (that I adored of course!)

Both stamps are as large as the 2207J, which works just fine for both small jewelry and larger items like journal covers.


As you can see, the textures are deep and nicely defined.  And they seem to play nicely with each other, when I combined both textures for these pendants below. I added Aztec Gold and Copper highlights to the 2277J stamped clay and Citadel Coelia Greenshade to the 2428J Gold clay.

I can’t wait to try the other two siblings she has posted on her website as well, but I know these two are going into regular use with my beloved 2207J.

xoxo, syn

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