A New Creative Map!

Map #5 was “drawn” yesterday..

I made these blue pieces in an excellent Jana Roberts Benson class at Fandango last May and promptly lost them in the chaos of my worktable.  I was forced to clean the table so I could work in something larger than 4 square inches of dirty tile and I found them – about 5 inches from the work surface.  It WAS that MESSY..

Anyway, I had made what I call a “left turn” in the class and started playing on my own with the “what ifs”.  I was so intrigued with the little pieces I cured them, brought them home for further study and lost them in the table chaos.

So, yesterday I sat down to play with the possibilities I saw in them.  First, I moved to my favorite green color palette and my favorite Melanie Muir template shape.





They didn’t really get me excited, so I decided to change up the color palette to reds, which is not a normal palette for me. I changed my shapes as well.  I like the heart shape here and I like the gold dots I added after curing.





I had a piece of scrap left and randomly started folding it until I saw a rough heart shape and completed the shape.  Of course, I can’t recreate it, but I really like it!






When I started to clean up, I found this pile of thin pieces I had off to make some slices smaller so I added them to a backing sheet and used the heart cutter that was handy. I was so intrigued by these colors and textures that I sliced up the remaining portions of the sheets and used my favorite shape again. After curing, I even added more texture by randomly adding gloss glaze to some of the threads. I really kind of like these!


So here is the whole map:


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