I’m All About My Hats

If  ya see  me,  I usually  have  a hat  on.  Not  only  do  they  help  protect  my  redhead  skin,  but  they  often  let  me  show  off  a little  bit  of  clay!

My hat bands are often decorated with those extra clay bits that are too good to toss, but redundant for my jewelry.

I’ve been thinking that I needed to catalog all these hats and, since June Gloom is upon us, I had a perfect soft light day to photograph them!

So here is syn’s hat stash.. many have project links (mostly to Sculpey)

My first two bands on my favorite Brixton wool hats (they seriously feel like wearing your favorite robe). The top grey band is strap leather, dyed with Pinata inks. The clay is leftover clay from a NCT mix and created with what I call Meisha Mash.


The blue grey Brixton has what I call Watercolor Waves


I use small velcro dots to hold my bands to the hat!


My sunhat has some of my ribbon crimp clay pieces created in a Claire Maunsell style. This is Igloo Souffle.






I like to shop the accessory areas for small belts on sale. Then I just cut it to size and poke a hole for the buckle!  These are my version of mokume gane created in Souffle Bluestone, Poppy Seed and Igloo.



A straw hat I got in a hat store on the Olympic Peninsula.  The band and feathers were perfect for one of my SynsPins extra pendants. OF course this is Souffle and Etch n’ Pearls!





Another felt hat with an extra pendant piece glued over the hatband.





My latest band.  I had two pendants finished, so one is now attached to my new hat covering the bow knot. When I shape the pendants on a small bowl, the curve is perfect to cover the bow on my hats!


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