Layer Sets with Liquid Clays

Did you know that if you add a thin layer of Liquid Sculpey to a sheet of raw clay and let it set a day or two that the LS will absorb into the sheeted clay and be dry on the surface? And the sheeted clay will be super supple!  Its really fun if you use the metallics or Primary colors to add a new dimension to your work.  You can even create patterns in the LS before you allow it to set up.


Once the LS is dry to the surface, you can run it back through the pasta machine (if you want to), you can silkscreen on it, transfer to it, add pastels and mica powders, stamp it, everything you would do to a normal sheet of clay. I particularly  like  to  add  the  metallic  LS  colors  to  my  sheets.



Of course I love to add my transfers over the top of the set layers!

ALSO, if you have a sheet of kind of dry clay, you can add a SMALL amount of Clear LS with your finger to the sheet, fold it with the LS to the inside of the fold and continue through the pasta machine.  The clay will become much more workable in 2 or 3 more passes through the machine!  This is a “wet” technique.  Why not try it with a metallic or primary color as well for a totally different look?  Just remember a little goes a long way and you don’t want to make a mess on your pasta machine with too much!

So here are some silkscreens and transfers.  The colorful hearts are the Primary colors dropped onto the Premo Accents White Gold Glitter.  Then I rubbed the surface with a sheet of deli paper to smear them slightly before I let them set up for a couple of days.

Of course all of these have a layer of Clear LS on the surface.  I cured them with a PRE HEATED dual speed heat gun.  I also add a little Sculpey Clay Softener to the well mixed LS to help apply a thin layer.


So what happens when I grab a piece of scrap that I twisted and rolled into stripes and add a Layer Set of Gold LS to it?  Well, of course I had to transfer my beloved Scribble artwork to it.  It just so happened that this bracelet blank had rolled off the pile o’ stuff behind me and settled under my work table a couple of days ago.  Once I got the sheet done, I was like, “hmmm, bracelet?”  I remembered that this bracelet blank was “filed” under my table, so I grabbed it and voila!  I love the sparkle of the gold through the colors.  And of course, I love my two Souffle bracelets I always wear (even in the pool 3x a week).  I have to argue with people that they are NOT leather… lol



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  1. Daydreamer says:

    Hmmm, I’ve been accumulating bottles of Liquid Sculpey from retreats and never used them. Maybe I will have to play for a day and see what happens! Thanks for the inspiration🥴

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