Blast From the Past Golden Opal Ovals Tutorial

Someone on FB was looking for this project I did in 2015 and it has been retired from the Sculpey website so I thought I would post the PDF here on my website now.

Golden Opal Bracelet

These are created by mixing the Premo Glitter Golds (Yellow, White and Rose) with the Premo Opal.  BEFORE you roll your eyes about the eccentricities of the Opal clay – I just want to tell you that the new Sculpey Solid Clay Conditioner (find it on the Tools>Mediums page) QUICKLY makes any clay that is not playing nicely with your pasta machine much more civil! So if the clays with added glitters in it are difficult for you, get some of this magic clay elixir! Actually it works great with any Sculpey clay that might not be having it’s best day that day. (which means that I won’t be having my best day either!)


And buy yourself a pair of small sharp scissors!  How can you live without them?

xoxo, syn