How I do a colored transfer!

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Ya’ll know that I love doing b/w laser transfers, right?  Briefly – I use a little Brother b/w laser printer (don’t miss color printer at all), and Hammermill Copy Plus paper (because it’s all paper fiber where I suspect that recycled papers have a thin sheet of plastic between the two layers of fiber).



One of you guys challenged me to make a transfer of this 3×3 image of a leaf on my deck.






So I got busy in Photoshop and converted it to b/w.  I colored the transfer with my Derwent SoftTouch pencils…


and transferred it to a sheet of Premo Accents Gold, using hand sanitizer and my trusty silicone brush. NOTE: I believe that the using the brush vigorously throughout the transfer process helps the pencil to transfer well!  I am a Souffle girl at heart and I DO love doing this process on Souffle, but I really wanted the metallics this time!



I cut out the leaf shape





And drape it across the Hollow Bead Maker.  (You don’t have to restrict yourself to just one bump on these guys!)



But an interesting thing happened to the green pencil -it turned bluish in the heavily inked areas.






I added strokes of alcohol pens and blended with my fingers, but I left some of that bluish look because it looks like texture!




This leaf has 3 colors of pencil and 3 colors of pen (bottom strokes not blended yet)

leaf transfers available on my transfer page or click the blue letters above!




I thought that the green pencil color shift might be a property of the Premo Accents – maybe the mica?  But here are two leaves -left is Premo and right is Souffle.  The bluish color is evident in BOTH leaves.  So now I’m thinking maybe a chemical reaction to the laser print ink since it’s only in the areas with heavy print? (Gold dots are Jacquard Puffy paint.  Feels rubbery when dry.)  All the other pencil colors transfer well onto Souffle Igloo, including the greens, so I’m thinking maybe a reaction to the laser ink?  Or maybe, just a weird thing about the green pencils..I’m going with it no matter what the reason – I like the texture effect it gives me!