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These pages are provided to my students and close clay friends.  Please do NOT put these links out on social media! While I realize that this is still a public page, it’s really for our use only. THANKS – syn

UPDATED 5/22/10








cruise pdf







UPDATED 5/5/19

The Scribbles are here!  scribblepack1







UPDATED 1/22/19

Here are the latest bracelet transfers I have created, including the concrete one I used for this pendant: bracelet binder4






UPDATED 10/2/18

The transfers I created to color!

bracelets to color





UPDATED 9/23/18

large leaf transfer  leaf multi

small leaf transfer leaf multi sm


UPDATED 6/16/18  The Mission Multis

Mission multis

Far left is Cinnamon gelli printed with yellow ochre and green.

The two right ones are Latte gelli printed with brick red and white.  The far right one is the brick transfer.




UPDATED 6/2/18

I re-adapted some of my original art for bracelet lengths.  Transfer away!

new bracelet binder

new bracelet binder pt 2





Here are my two sets of transfers that you can print on a black and whiteLASER printer. then simply transfer them with  CLEAR hand-sanitzer or rubbing alcohol to your clay!

The syns flowers  grouporange steps
was created from my original photographs. To find out how to change your photos into line drawings, check out my blog entry:

flower binder 2 has some of my more recent transfers designed for pendants.

Flowers all binder has more of my go-to transfers


all finalThe syns textures group was created in Photoshop originally as bracelet textures in 2006. Here is the PDF tutorial: Chunky Channels





mini bowlstexture block was created for the mini bowls.

I’ve added more textures here: Texture block selection





2015Dec-15smgraphic binder has the retro graphics I like to transfer.  Yes, I know that there is a flower in there!

My Zen 1sheet download has a couple of my tangles that I transfer

My newest custom syns graphics sm binder are here! Here is the more complex version:syns graphics binder dbls


pendant final3 Flower Doodle binder 1 Here are the kaleidoscope florals I’ve done!









Transfer art for my stamps.  These are the artwork that the stamps were created from, so you can mix and match the transfers with the positive and negative versions of the stamps. The stamps are available from from or


circles-and-lines (the top left bracelet)

circles-in-circles  (the top right bracelet

lines-and-bubbles (bottom left pendant)

synsflowers (bottom right pendant)

bubbles-both-stamp1This pendant uses both the lines and bubbles transfer and the negative stamp for the black backer.





syns-lounge-txHere is the “screen-5” transfer based from my silkscreen!





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