2207J My Most Favorite Stamp EVER

syn stamp 1sm step 10
2207J!!! It’s baaaack!!!!  In case you didn’t know, 2207J is my most favorite stamp EVER.  It’s my GoTo background stamp for the last 15 years at least. I just love the large size of it and the non-directional patterning. I can literally close my eyes and open a project file and find a photo with this stamp. My 2207J lives in a place of honor on my worktable.  When Judikins removed it from their website, I went into mourning for years and refused to have it travel with me anymore, just in case I lost it.

WELL GUESS WHAT!!!  I had the opportunity to speak to Judi from Judikins at CHA this year and I told her about my stamp.  She asked me if I knew the stock number by heart and I was so excited I yelled “2207J” like an old blue haired lady would yell Bingo!

I even called my son who was at home and asked him to go out and double check my stamp because I was so excited, I didn’t want to screw it up.  He just asked, “Is it in the usual spot?”  I didn’t have to tell him which stamp (there are literally at least 4 cabinets full of stamps), but he KNEW.  He sent me the photo of the stock number and I told Judi that it was indeed 2207J.  She said the magic words, “It’s not discontinued, it can be ordered from us.”

ocean jar final closeI immediately begged and pleaded with Lee Kellogg of Guadalupe’s Fun Rubber Stamps/StampaFe to order it for me.  She already knew about my history with this stamp.

GUESS WHAT I GOT IN THE MAIL TODAY FROM LEE???  A brand spanking new 2207J with a note that she now has several in stock!  Get on this clayers… I’m sure you have a place of honor to put it!

www.stampafe.com (probably not on the website yet)  or email  lee@stampafe.com

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