Information on Paints


These pages are provided to my students and close clay friends.  Please do NOT put these links out on social media! While I realize that this is still a public page, it’s really for our use only. THANKS



UPDATED 7/13/18

Bowls! And Citadels of course!




UPDATED 6/21/18







I talk about Tahichi’s models and his paint skills, but here is a quick photo as well! He has taught me soooo much about paints and paint techniques on polymer clay as well!

UPDATED 5/24/18

Today was the Big Day for my son – all day at Games Workshop!  My darling DiL sent me pics as they moved through the castle-style building and his smile got bigger and BIGGER.. He nicely photographed the entire display of paints for us!  Ohhh and Ahhh along with me…

UPDATED 5/13/18

My son is going to Games Workshop in Nottingham this month!  I expect a full report fro

m him on any new paints. In the meantime, he mentioned some new technicals and I believe that these may be what he meant: Waystone Green, Spiritstone Red and Soulstone Blue.  I just bought them, so I’ll let you know what I think!







UPDATED 6/12/17

My son just sent me some new toys – they are called Weathering Powders and are sold by numerous paint/miniature stores.

Weathering powders are exactly that – a powder that you can dust into your texture.  I used regular rubbing alcohol (they use White Spirits we call it Turpentine) and it worked great – it melted the powder and I was then able to brush it/rub it to create a realistic look.

Search for Weathering Powders on!




UPDATED: 10/7/16

Oh my, just got an email from Citadel – 11 new technicals are coming!  They are available for preorder right now.


UPDATED: 6/11/16

My son gave me a new Citadel paint called Retributors Amour.  It’s a rich gold paint on the darker side, so not a shiny new gold.  It’s like liquid bullion, it’s gorgeous!


NOTE: for the entire Surface Treatments handout, click here:Surface treatments

The modeling paints I use can be purchased from a Gaming store (call ahead and ask if they carry Citadel paints) or directly from Games Workshop

In the Search box, type in one of these:  Shade, Texture, Technical, click on one of the titles listed in the dropdown list and this will bring you to the page showing all the colors available.


Shades: (thin, transparent shades)

  • Coelia Greenshade – great for detail on Brass effect or Golds
  • Druchii Violet – lovely on Gold
  • Athonian Camoshade – great for natural detail on light colored leaves
  • Seraphim Sepia – nice on light warm shades like Ecru, Sandcastle
  • Agrax Earthshade – my “go to” in Shades. Warm brown color
  • Nuln Oil – excellent when a darker detail shade is needed. Cooler than Agrax. Also is shiny on Premo.

Textures: (thick paints for texture)

  • carved stone bracelet sm

    Stirland Mud on this Souffle Latte piece makes it look like it’s been buried in dirt for hundreds of years

    Blackfire Earth – excellent for building rust detail!

  • Stirland Mud – build that dirt effect!

 Technicals (mixed with other elements for texture)

  • Nihilakh Oxide – KILLER verdigris – looks better after a couple of hours
  • Typhus Corrosion – straight up dirty, grungy! Really gritty
  • Nurgul’s Rot – kind of cool for leaves, wood effect
  • Lahmian Medium – a great surface sealer when you don’t want a gloss effect
  • NOTE:  The ‘ardcoat does NOT dry on polymer clay (darn it!)

    sept random-2sm

    Nihilakh Oxide is used on the bezel of this pendant

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