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After the party..

Well, I finally got everything unpacked from attending the International Polymer Clay Association Retreat in Chicago.  Good news is that I don’t notice that I’ve lost anything.  Better news – I got some preety cool new toys, including some nice … Continue reading

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Try this color mix

Premo Burnt Umber and regular Premo Gold 2:1 makes an amazing deep bronze. Rich, rich, rich

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My bracelets

My extruded bracelets are featured on the new Sculpey racks in the stores with Amy Koreniks work also. I’ve got work on the other rack too

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A Bracelet Project for You!

I’m jamming on my clay projects this weekend.  Wrote 7 articles and created about 9 more projects for assignments so far!  Not much of a social life, but the quiet nites are good for my summer cold recovery. I love … Continue reading

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4th of July

YAY! 3 Days off to clay!!!  I have no money cause the pay dates are weird for June/July, but I can sit in the garage, oops, my glamorous clay studio, and clay!  It will be warm here at the beach this weekend, … Continue reading

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