I had a message come to me the other day from someone wanting to know how to do faux Raku with Sculpey.  This is one of my most favorite techniques ever.  It’s so easy and really doesn’t take a lot of thought or planning (DUH, no wonder it’s one of My favorites!).  You basically start with a very thin sheet of Black Premo Sculpey and then “finger paint” on your selected colors of Pearl Ex.  My traditional colors are Spring Green, True Blue, Flamingo Pink and Super Copper.  Once you have the sheet covered with random areas of PX colors, you just tear off pieces and collage them onto either another sheet of clay, or say, a glass vase (the clay sticks directly to the glass).  Once the entire area is covered, I texture it with a piece of very rough sand paper and bake it.   If I’m working on a pendant or something, I trim the clay first to the shape I want before I bake it.

raku pendant

I did this right after the last Ravensdale

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