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The Mother of Invention: A New Creative Map

Sometimes I  sit down at my clay table with a specific goal in mind, but no idea really how I’m going to do it.  Then I document each and every step of the design process to create what I call … Continue reading

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The Advantages of a Disadvantage

So most of you know that I’m currently sporting a non-walking cast and using a knee scooter (2).  Looking at the advantages of being a little less moveable, I have been wanting to create some more transfer patterns of my … Continue reading

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2207J My Most Favorite Stamp EVER

2207J!!! It’s baaaack!!!!  In case you didn’t know, 2207J is my most favorite stamp EVER.  It’s my GoTo background stamp for the last 15 years at least. I just love the large size of it and the non-directional patterning. I … Continue reading

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OMG! I found it!

I’ve always talked to myself and I’m easily excited over cool stuff for clay – so my (over) reaction to something I’ve looked for over a year for was a LITTLE over the top… Backtrack – last Sept at the Arizona Polymer … Continue reading

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It’s our “Moment”

“It’s my moment with my creation and I never quite have that same feeling again….” When I was demoing at Sandy Camp last week, we were talking about the minor eccentricities of the new Sculpey Opal clay. I had suggested that clayers use small … Continue reading

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Fairy Gardens are Addicting!

So my friend and I were in a local plant nursery and we say this charming display of fairy houses and fairy gardens.  Of course, since I relate everything to clay, I was muttering, “I can do this out of … Continue reading

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Now This is Serious Bling!

OK, it’s my birthday today, but I’m giving you guys a present!  It’s a NCT (New Color Tuesday) on Friday because 1) I just can’t wait 2)If you are lucky enough to have these colors, I *know* how you are … Continue reading

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