OMG! I found it!

Contact Ribbed Shelf paper makes a great texture! That's it on the left side of this pendant.

Con Tact Non Adhesive Ribbed Shelf paper makes a great texture! That’s it on the left side of this pendant.

I’ve always talked to myself and I’m easily excited over cool stuff for clay – so my (over) reaction to something I’ve looked for over a year for was a LITTLE over the top…

Backtrack – last Sept at the Arizona Polymer Clay Retreat in Prescott I got a little bag of repurposed textures.  One of them is easily my most favorite texture in the world now – except I had NO idea what it was originally intended for.  I was hoping to find out who had contributed it, but she didn’t come this year.

I even took it to Grainger and an RV store to see if they knew what it was.  I was suspecting some sort of patio furniture cover or something…Meanwhile my precious little scrap of texture had it’s own labeled drawer and I refused to take it on my clay voyages in case it got lost.

Imagine my gleeful shock and surprise when I walked by a WHOLE ENDCAP of it at Target today!  It’s drawer liner material! And here were rolls and rolls of it…YES, I squealed.  YES, I jumped up and down..

And YES, the young lady who was also in the aisle with me had an odd “I’m-in-the-aisle-with-a-crazy”  look on her face.  So I quickly explained it to her and showed her a picture of my favorite pendant that I used it on. She seemed genuinely pleased that I had found it…or genuinely pleased that some other people arrived in the aisle…lol

Anyway, this stuff is amazing, roll it through the pasta machine with the clay.  It doesn’t stick to clay much (especially Souffle), so if I forget to spray it with water first, it’s not the end of the texture world.  It DOES have 2 different sides, so find your favorite side and mark it somehow – I cut a notch in top corner like the emulsion side of our old 4×5 film.  Now I can fill that drawer up with more shapes and sizes – I can’t wait!


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It’s our “Moment”

“It’s my moment with my creation and I never quite have that same feeling again….”

View this project on the Sculpey website at:

View this project on the Sculpey website at:

When I was demoing at Sandy Camp last week, we were talking about the minor eccentricities of the new Sculpey Opal clay. I had suggested that clayers use small scissors to trim the opal flakes poking out the sides of their clay before baking.  Someone (oh those rowdy clay troublemakers) asked, “Why not trim it after it’s baked?” I took a second and then told them this:


“We have a wedding coming up in the family and I’ve gotten hooked on “Say Yes to the Dress” where it’s all about that “Bridal Moment”.  I think our “Clay Moment” happens when we take our piece out of the oven…I never again feel that same rush for that particular piece – it’s my moment with my creation and I never quite have that same feeling again.  And maybe that’s why I like that show – I know exactly what they are feeling!”

Now, don’t get me wrong – there are a variety of other positive emotions I experience as I complete the piece, admire the finished piece and share with others, but for me, there is nothing that rivals that feeling when I pull it hot from the oven.  How about you?  What is your favorite time?

Im teachingJoin us for the Polymer Clay Adventure 2016 – experience 24 different teachers, chat with artists from all over the world – all from the comfort of your own home.

And don’t forget that I will be teaching at Euro-Synergy 2 in France next July and Fandango next May!


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Fairy Gardens are Addicting!

So my friend and I were in a local plant nursery and we say this charming display of fairy houses and fairy gardens.  Of course, since I relate everything to clay, I was muttering, “I can do this out of clay”  I had even recently answered an inquiry to Sculpey about if it was possible to make stepstones for a fairy garden out of clay. (answer: YES)

Log finalWhen I got home (in perfect timing) I had received a box with the new products from Sculpey, so I immediately went to the clay table.  First up, a fairy door created with a slice of a small log I had sitting by the fire pit forever.

This project is available on the Sculpey website at:

I used the new Sculpey decals to add detail on the window of the door and lots and lots of stepping stones!

seasideNext up was a seaside mini table garden, using a little beach chair that I bought at the plant nursery.  I decorated the outside of the palm planter, created a table (using a decal for the top) and even made little tiny flip flops.

Then I opened the first of the Sculpey Design-It stencil sets and it was on for the third set.  (I always have to work in groups of three – and yes, I’m a science fiction fantasy person and science fiction is almost always a trilogy).

I created this little table and chair set using the stencilstable set final 1sm
and an extruder.  Here is the link to this project: Souffle Fairy House Table Set

It’s late summer now and the gardens are so overgrown, I have to search for the sets in the leaves, but it’s worth the search – they look amazing!

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Now This is Serious Bling!

OK, it’s my birthday today, but I’m giving you guys a present!  It’s a NCT (New Color Tuesday) on Friday because 1) I just can’t wait 2)If you are lucky enough to have these colors, I *know* how you are spending your weekend at your clay table!

NCT Aug 2015 bonusSo this month I’m spending the month
NCT Aug 2015 bonus 1mixing the new Premo! Opal clay with colors for the Sculpey New Color Tuesday.  I got a wild idea to mix the Opal with the new Glitter Golds.  This is some serious Bling!

2:1 is 2 parts Opal, 1 part Gold

4:1 is 4 parts Opal, 1 part Gold


Happy birthday to me!!  Wheeeeee

And this is what you can do with these colors

And this is what you can do with these colors


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What happens to the sand during a storm

Feb 2015-4-2smSI just thought I would share with you what wind and rain does to the sand at our beach… we have a mixture of very fine black and white sand that can create some amazing images even just with the tide..

Feb 2015-17-3smSBut add a little wind and the sand creates amazing images over the beachside mosiacs.




The rain etches through the layers of the windblown sand creating modern art at every footstep:

Feb 2015-27-7smS Feb 2015-27-11smS Feb 2015-27-12smS

Even leaving the beach, the old concrete serves as another canvas for the blowing sand… I’m never bored as long as I can look down!Feb 2015-27-7smSa

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New Color Tuesday: Put on Our Wine Sweaters

NOTE:  I’m going to start releasing the color mixes on my blog a week or so after they appear on the Sculpey blog, so that if you miss the Sculpey post, you can pick it up here!

Pantone has announced that the Color of the Year for 2015 is Marsala, which is a gorgeous color that goes so well with so many different color palettes.  Plus, it can be metallic or non-metallic.  If you don’t like to mix colors, Premo! Accents Bronze, right out of the package is a pretty darn close match.  And as I discovered, there is more than one way to mix this color.  I have 8 different ways to mix it!  Some I’m going to post four of them here and then four more on Thursday, so we can get on to the Moroccans. So let’s put on our Wine Sweaters and get to sampling!

Jan 1 MPThis is my favorite metallic mix.  As you can see, the Bronze color is already pretty darn close, but the Alizarin Crimson adds just a touch of blush to it.  (I will have a project posted later on the Sculpey website using this color mix).  I printed out the photo from Pantone for Marsala and I’m placing my baked chips directly on the photo for you to compare. You can see the the AC/B mix is matching some of the midtone/shadow areas quite well.

This next one was the most surprising of the mixes: Bronze and Magenta Pearl makes a really frosty Marsala that makes me thirsty.

Jan 1 Bronze 1Since I had tried a couple of the red family colors with success, I decided to try the Cadmium Red as well.  It yields a lovely, brighter color than the Alizarin Crimson, so more of the highlight color of the Marsala.
Jan 1 Bronze 1And here is a peek at one of our first Moroccan mixes, using Raw Sienna and Cad Red: The 1R/2RS is a great match if you don’t want a metallic effect for your clay.  We will see these colors next week again in their more natural habitat.

Here is a sneak peek of what my clay table has looked like in the past couple of weeks as I mix the Moroccans:

Jan prev150ImTeachingatPCAThe Polymer Clay Adventure has begun!  22 different teachers throughout the year with videos and PDFs that you view at your leisure for only $99. I’m the first video up in the Adventure.


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Creative Map #2

Creative Map #2

Just thought I would pop in and share some of the stuff I’ve been trying to work on when I have a few moments during the holidays.  As you know, I’ve been OBSESSED with mixing the Moroccan colors for the NCT in January.  I started by mixing the Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala.  Well, it turns out that there is more than one way to create that color and I just kept going, “But wait!  What about..”  All this discovery yielded some very interesting scraps of color that I started messing with.  I guess I’m still not done with some of the shapes and patterns from the last Creative Map because I started with a finished piece from the last map and started moving from there.  I also jumped from Sculpey Souffle to Premo! because that was what had given me my color scraps for this week.

The new map - Creative Map #4

The new map – Creative Map #4

The necklace (which is my new fav piece to wear) in the upper left corner is where I started and I added in some of the mix color scraps.  I had to experiment with adding paint to the textures, but that didn’t work out.  Then I took the scraps I had left and created the pendant on the upper right.  I really like that simple design and I’ve worn it also several times.  That design can be downsized to create earrings as well.  I bent the wire around a piece of large wooden dowel and the beads were created kind of like the polka dots on the earlier map, just a little larger and with thicker layers.

Then I remembered the rickrack effect I had put on a previous piece (rickrack is making a comeback in fashion, especially metallic rickrack), so I wanted to experiment with cutting the rickrack patterns and putting them together.  (I’m using the Sculpey ripple blade to cut the rickrack btw).  I like the patterns I’m creating, but I haven’t got the right shape for the overall design yet.  But wait!  While having my afternoon healthy fruit snack (lying, it was chips!) I got an idea.  So stay tuned for the next creative map to somewhere….

150ImTeachingatPCAThe Polymer Clay Adventure starts in just DAYS!  Don’t miss out on a year long retreat with almost 800 other artists from around the world.  There are 22 different teachers with videos and PDFs that you can download and keep!  Clay whenever you feel like it, it’s available 7/24.  I’m the first teacher up on January 1, so join us at


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